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19 m2. Height 3 m. Access to large bundles. Disabled Access.
An intimate, private meeting room that features a 5th-century Roman mosaic.

Maximum capacities:

  • 15



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Arai 4*S Monument
Arai 4*S Monument
Arai 4*S Monument

The Arai Aparthotel has a restaurant, private meeting and function room, terrace, pool, solarium, gym and sauna, as well as 31 exclusive rooms with their own, fully equipped kitchen.

Offers an intimate private room for meetings, decorated with a spectacular 5th century Roman mosaic and all of its amenities available to customers.

  • Arai 4*S Monument

Arai 4*S Monument - C/ Avinyˇ, 30 - 08002 - Barcelona - Spain

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