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Acceso Partners, a company specialized in management and distribution of meeting rooms at hotels, business centres, etc... has developed:
AppMeeting: Booking Engine for meeting rooms and events (web link), linked in the hotel's own website.
Booking engine enables the distribution of event & meeting rooms from your own website.
Booking areaBooking area

Installation is easy as setting the customized link we will provide you with to your own website.

Simple access for your customers, who shall make event & meeting rooms’ bookings after three screens only and in less than two minutes!

Restricted area for hotels enabling hotels to update all relevant information for the perfect management of their event & meeting rooms. Hotels may also view data of all bookings received.

Increased profitability of your event & meeting rooms.

Higher booking ratio.

Increased visibility.

Higher level of self-management and cost reduction.


  • Adaptation to your corporate web design (colours, logos, etc.)
  • Further improving the exposure of your event & meeting rooms.
  • Converting more requests into real bookings.
  • Customized and safe-navigation environment.
  • Lower management costs
  • Higher income for your hotel.
  • Additional benefits:
    • Conectivity to the events distribution platform
    • Allows direct links with own or third-party web channels, offering online availability of your meeting rooms.




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