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Eurostars Grand Marina
Eurostars Grand Marina
Eurostars Grand Marina

Meetings and Events: Weddings, Banquets, Conferences, Conventions, Seminars The Eurostars Grand Marina is also the perfect scenario for business meetings, as well as for weddings, banquets and all kinds of social events with which to surprise and dazzle ones guests. Each year, numerous important wedding banquets of varying size take place in the unsurpassable setting provided by the Eurostars Grand Marina, with the evocative views over the city, over which towers the unmistakable silhouette of the Montjuich mountain.

The Eurostars Grand Marina places at your disposal 40 reception rooms of varying sizes and types to suit all your needs; most of them with bright, natural light and fabulous vistas over the port of Barcelona and the coast.

  • Eurostars Grand Marina

Eurostars Grand Marina - Moll de Barcelona s/n - 08039 - Barcelona (Barcelona | Barcelona) - Spain

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