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Discoteca Móvil ( 3 horas )
Discoteca Móvil ( 4 horas )
Barra Libre ( 2 horas )
Barra Libre ( 3 horas )
Decoración floral en mesas y presidencia

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Zenit Coruña
Zenit Coruña
Zenit Coruña

Gifts for Recruitment
Free tasting menu for 2 people (minimum 70 people), 50% discount for more escorts
Junior Suite for the wedding night the couples Breakfast Buffet.
Strawberries and Champagne in the room.
Two free parking spaces on the day of the wedding.

Special prices on rooms for guests.
Tie Minutes.
Floral decoration on tables and chair
Gift A Weekend in any hotel Zenit Chain Hotels, depending on availability.
Invitation for boyfriends lunch or dinner on the first anniversary

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